How to Make Big Buck$ With Watch Batteries (How to run a successful small business with simple watch repair) (Entrepreneur, work from home, home based business, be your own boss Book 1) Price: £3.29 (as of 22/03/2018 06:57 PST- Details)



This book will tell you everything you need to know to start profiting with a simple small business of your own with very little start up cost.

Simple watch repair is something that I am currently doing part time and it is paying for my way through College at this very moment.

Tools: I will tell you all of the tools you need , and the tools that you don’t need to begin this craft. I will show you pictures & tell you the price ranges that you should be paying for these tools and where to purchase them.

Batteries: I will tell you which out of the hundreds of different batteries are your most popular that you will want to keep in stock. I will tell you where to purchase these batteries and what prices you should and shouldn’t be paying for them.

Improvisational skills: I will tell you tips and tricks that will save you years of trial and error, and make you know your stuff! I learned so many tricks from a professional Jeweler and a stud Watch Maker that I want to pass on to you. Plus I even came up with some on my own and showed them a thing or three!

Customer service: This is the most important subject of all! I will tell you exactly how I go about interacting with customers and exactly what I say to assure that my customers are so happy with my work that they not only will bring all of their immediate family’s watches to me for all repairs, but they also will recommend me to others and will pass out cards to their friends and co workers on my behalf. With stellar customer service and honest quality workmanship, 1 customer can and does easily turn into 20!

What to charge: I will tell you exactly what I charge and you can make your own prices up based off of seeing mine. The market and supply and demand varies in each persons city.

I will give you more tips and tricks that no one in this business will tell you. People who do this don’t want anyone knowing how easy of a small business that it really is. You do not have to be a Watch Maker to do watch repair. But getting your feet wet into this business allows a person to be a part of the Jewelry business were the opportunities are there to learn other crafts such as Watch Making, any Jewelry repair and even design.

Doing watch repairs (part time!) has allowed me to work for myself so that I could quit my old going no where and fast job, and attend College so that I can get the degree of my choice and soon be doing what I have a real passion for as my way of making a good living.

I have been doing watch repair part time for about 4 years now. I have learned a lot about the Jewelry business in that time and have met a lot of interesting people with some real awesome skills! If I wanted to right now I could take it even farther and get into the Gold and Silver dealing trade, or the Jewelry designing business, or become a Watch Maker. But I have my sights set on a different path. This is something that pays me well enough per the hours that I work so that I can once live my dream as a Paramedic in the Fire Department. Some people might laugh at me for wanting to be a Paramedic in the Fire Department, but to me this will be the pinnacle of my life.

There’s money out there to be made we just have to go out and grab the bull by the horns. Are you going to be a Zillionaire from doing watch repairs? Absolutely not! But the right person in the right situation with the right amount of passion and drive has potential to do very well in this and other businesses that this door can open up for them.

People with money fix their watches. I meet interesting people everyday, it’s like I am a bartender without the drunks! I have gotten other jobs for my other businesses from meeting people in this trade. I have turned down job offers from several people who are business owners and seen a passion in me so much that they wanted to hire me as an employee.

Dexter Poin

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