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There is a shortage of skilled watchmakers and clockmakers in America, and soon millions of timepieces of a bygone age will likely be gathering dust in a bottom drawer or attic, or worse, scraped for the gold or silver content of their cases, and in the case of clocks just thrown away.

Every year young Americans graduate from high school with no plans for college and no job skills. But under their nose, at least for a select few, is a trade that can provide for them a chance to be self-employed in a society where only a small number out of a hundred have the courage to even think of such a thing and a chance to earn much more than they ever will as an employee.

Many may have been told that watch and clock makers are obsolete because of all the cheap watches and clocks on the market now and have no idea how much money can be earned operating a watch and clock repair shop. This book will put that myth to rest. There is money to be earned in the watch and clock repair business, and that is an opportunity a young person not headed for college, or even one who is, cannot afford to pass up.

The watch and clock manufacturing industry has gone through many changes over the last fifty years and with that came changes in the watch repair industry-mostly for the betterment of those in the trade. Watchmakers today are making more money than ever.

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